I was in Louisville Kentucky for a meeting.
3 days in a chair.

Kentuckyans are proud of their bourbons, basketball, and racehorses.

I am just relaxing this weekend.
I was suppose to be back March 1.
But the only reward for good work is more work.
So I am extended until April 27.
The only relief is the concerts end early in DC.
I decided to go to one a week since they are $10-12.

Dc is 30-40F
Dekalb is 10F
Quite the chills.

Janet and I went to IL's most haunted cemetery.
The place has no birds or squirrels. It is in disrepair. The photos show interesting images. This is the devil playing animals.

I am in week two of 8 in DC. Just imagine long hours, bureaucratization, and slow internet.


Dec. 4th, 2011 05:09 pm

James retired on the 30th. He had a hard time with the women in my unit. They worked hard so they were on him when he chatted on the phone. i now supervise six women. Not sure how that happened.

I kicked in $180 for the Christmas party, $55 for the boss retirement and $81 for this cake. OUCH!!!! The things that are needed to make it smooth. No one is expected to get a bonus before christmas.

I am done with the Fall concerts. i am going to take the spring easy and avoid the rides in Chicago.

Police at UC Davis openly & calmly pepper spray seated non-violent protestors at close range; dozens of cameras watch.

Here is the video.

It makes no sense.

Jan and I went to Stillman Valley to see the memorial of the 12 soldier who died in the Blackhawk war in 1932. It was our state loss of life in a war. Approx 50 Indians routed 275 men at night. It was later called Stillman's run because they just panicked and ran.

In Chicago, you see the strangest things at night. "Cool Bus" looked more halloweenish than anything.

The last trip to DC was expensive. I met with the grantees and they all wanted to go out and eat. Great food, but hard on the pocket.

Concerts were funs. I saw Shonen Knife, The Beets and the Civil Wars so far this month.
I switched to the Dekalb County Credit Union.
I never used one, but giving the money to the national banks is what I want to avoid.


Oct. 30th, 2011 03:36 pm

Janet and I went to Two Brothers brewery and try their crafts beer. I love tasting and sampling the many textures and ingredients in a small batch blend.

I did a free 10 hour class on WEdnesday and Thursday on my day off. It let NIU see me teach and we talked about how to get their program out of the red. I hope it works out.

The fall colors are vivid. I love the vines on the house. I think I have four types and a Clematis if it survives the winter.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyX3pH3AOMQ is Icebird's going going and going. Sorta funky electrosoul.

I have been eating a low carb diet and the BS is averaging 160 with no meds.

The dry weather is bringing out the colors. And it is in the 80's.

I finally got to see the Descendents live. The lead singer is a PhD at Dupont. 30 years and he still has the energy.

Red Bull sugarfree is good. Unlike the reg red bull.

My boss is retiring after 37 years.

I am starting my second week in the low carb diet. Blood sugar is averaging 165 this week. With no meds. None.

Frank said he would hire me when I leave next September. I hope he keeps his promise.

Song of the week goes to the Beats Anitiques "Beauty Beats" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au61wJbyw-8 Drumming beats ala Electrotribal w a tinge of funk.

I have been in #occupychicago since it started. The rain has been brutal so I try to take a few pictures here and their and tweet about it.

http://akirathedon.com/blobblog/watch-female-occupywallstreet-protestors-penned-and-maced-by-police/ has the best video of the macing innocent.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/44710536#44710536 show the comments on the macing by nbc..

So a peaceful protest against the greed of wallstreet can get you maced or arrested.

The flubug is hitting several here. So far so good.

Song of the week is the mixtapesohio. Punk rock at its best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9rQmKBUzeI


Sep. 25th, 2011 09:34 am
Jan and I went to the 5th annual Brewhaha in the town next door. Hundreds of people paid $25 to sample all you want of 125 beers plus a free brats meal.

I enjoyed this event because I would never pay to buy a six pack @$8.99 of these craft beers without trying them.

Drive was an enjoyable movie. it didn't follow any formula so you weren't sure how it was going to end.

I told my work that I will take advantage of early retirement September 28, 2012. i would love to teach at the university or community college. Stay tuned.

Last week in DC hopefully. This is the Northside Fish Market. The Texas guy picked this off of Yelp. Only when we got there did we realize it was not a restaurant. So we walked to a mediocre buffet instead.

The Bosses in DC didn't understand why I didn't apply to the promotion. It is the math.
$7000 raise
= $5000 net after taxes
- $1000 locality drop
- $15000 for an apartment rental
- $4000 for airfare home once a month.
= -$15000 loss to gain $140 a year on retirement.

It doesn't even come where I would break even.
Yesterday I went w Jan to see North Coast Music Festival. I wanted to see Thievery Corporation. I had bought a Groupon from the ticket and used a ticket vendor for hers.

I printed off the ticket receipts and we drove there.
Groupon tent was smooth. The lady asked if were going to after shows. I said no, but was here to see Thievery Corporation. She gave a pair free tickets to see this show. $40 value.

The City Tix vendor said the receipt showed it was mailed. I never had got it. i thought it was Will Call also. So we have one ticket to a show.

I decided to sell the ticket by holding up my ticket. Less than 60 seconds, I had $60 from a guy trying to buy tickets to the sold out show.

We headed to Chinatown to eat. I wanted to listen outside the Thievery Corporation Stage. They didn't play the great new album. So we were walking up Ashland and I saw the crowds leaving so we just went in. The Security said ticket. I had I had my groupon. He was tired and let us in. So we watched an hour of the other bands.

Bassnectar is DJ with a huge light show. Several guys were also dancing by themselves.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBiyiU5Blm8 is a song he remade.

So we decided since we got to see the bands for free, there were no need to go to the after show.
Dear Jack,

The process of sending invite codes isn't automated the way it used to be on LiveJournal (if you remember back that far!) -- we, the site admins, decide when we have the server resources necessary to support further growth. Then, we evaluate how many invite codes have been previously generated, but not used. If we have more room for growth than we have generated-but-unused invite codes, we generate more invite codes and give them out to our users. (There are multiple ways that we can distribute invite codes, but the ones we use most frequently are people with no unused invite codes, people who have paid or premium paid accounts, and people who have been active on the site in the last 30 days.) Invite codes are used to control the site's growth and limit the number of free accounts being created to only those that can be supported by the current number of paid users, and it's our way of making sure that our growth is sustainable for the long run.

We consider multiple factors when deciding whether we can make large-scale grants of invite codes, but the two factors that contribute most are server load and ratio of paid accounts to free accounts. Right now, we're doing wonderfully on the ratio of paid accounts to free accounts, but our server load is fairly high, which can lead to site slowdowns at peak times. We've been troubleshooting the problem and it does appear to be related to a bug in Perl, the underlying programming language our system is written in, that's being triggered by a few of the pages on the site. We're working on fixing this (both upgrading our version of Perl to one that doesn't have the bug, and fixing the pages that are triggering the problem so that they're more efficient as well) and until we can make progress there, it's not likely we'll be able to release more invite codes.

However, since you hadn't received any invite codes, I generated five for your account -- you can see them at the Invite Someone page:


In general, we are able to handle requests for small numbers of invite codes most, but not all, of the time. If you need more, you can contact the Accounts department at accounts@dreamwidth.org or by opening a support request in the Account Payments department. We can also usually create "bulk" codes if you have a whole community you want to move over, or if you need extra accounts for a roleplaying game or an organization.


Nice letter. :)

DC is lovely at night.

I flew in DC last Sunday and out Saturday to miss Hurricane Irene.

Wednesday was my second EarthQuake of 5.8. The concrete building moved up and down like a basketball.

The new ML King display is nice. The people complain about costs, but nothing is cheap in DC.

The Philly job went to the Mobile Area Director. It is nice since the promotion would have been $8000 more but $10,000 in rent gone, $3000 in airfare back to Chicago and $3000 in Philly City taxes. So $8000 to lose $16,000.

The DC week was busy writing reports. I need to work on some this weekend and next.

hell over

Aug. 21st, 2011 08:41 am

This week a week of random storms. Instead of steady rain, it comes down in buckets and is gone in an hour.

The director meeting was the last of the four hell weeks. It went good tho I wish minigolf was on 9 holes vs. 18.

I go to DC for a week on a task force. It will be easier since no commute.
I thought I started LJ in 2001. But LJ says 2003. I like this better an no errors.

This was a weekend of getting sick from Thursday with 24 stomach flu to puking this morn w med reaction.

I hope to recover during the meetings this week.

The DW import was ok, it stared w errors but it ported over easily.


Aug. 13th, 2011 04:57 pm
Fist time. I didn't know it was created by the original LJ creators.


Aug. 7th, 2011 06:13 pm

$89,999 for a four bedroom house with a nice flowery yard. The Real Estate collapse in Dekalb means we are all down 50%-70% from the peak. Ow!.

I saw Hillsong United Wednesday night. They get the song of the week. Mighty to SAve. They are better than Coldplay or U2 im my opinion...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-08YZF87OBQ

I never got time to check out the other LJ. Friday, I did errands and got wrapped in ripping out old carpeting that got wet.

Monday will be long if James didn’t what he promised done at work.

S&P downgraded the debt as it should. We have too much.

Things that I learned this week from my LJ and Twit friends.
- i'm pretty sure Burlington Coat Factory is quickly becoming my favorite store.
- Try to make new memories with friends and family."
- He will spiral down the depression path too, I am certain.
- lets face it the money is good and it is close to home.
- Not a fan of peoples religion being shoved down my throat
- I'm going to Poland, to the Christmas market
- I will most likely move out of the country permanently
- I hardly leave my bedroom.
- No macaroni for me tonight!
- take a step back, and a deep breath, and evaluate what's really going on.
- I own three pairs of Frye's now
- i'm attempting to import all my entries to dreamwidth, ya know, just in case. i'd really hate to lose 8 years worth of memories because of lj incompetence.
- I don't know what I'm doing. I'm an idiot. I'm confused
- The American debt is eye wateringly high.
- On July 11th we had the storm that hit us with 80 mph winds and hail.
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